Sunday, May 21, 2017

26 33 38 44 47 57 67 78 163 | Deaths of Seattle musician Andrew Wood and Stefanie Sargent +Eddie Vedder, the last face of Grunge according to Washington Post

This article talks about Eddie Vedder and Dave Grohl.  Read what I wrote about those two in relation to the passing of Chris Cornell here:

Notice the emphasized headline.  Keep in mind Chris Cornell just passed at 52, and Eddie Vedder is currently 52-years old.  Also, the end of this article mentions Dave Grohl.

Dave Grohl = 52; Foo Fighters = 52; Emerald City = 52

We know Chris Cornell's death has much to do with the riddle of the Wizard of Oz and the Emerald City.

502?  52...

Eric Alpher = 57 (Chris); Alper = 52 (Age of death) (How old Vedder is)

Let's talk about more Seattle related deaths, adding to the long list this blog has uncovered, from musicians, to Bruce and Brandon Lee.  GAME OF DEATH, HELLO?

Notice Andrew Wood sums to '122', like Seattle on the 122nd Meridian.

The name Wood also has a second connection to Chris Cornell and 'Rockstar'.

Read more about Cornell and his passing in relation to '57' here:

His band, Mother Love Bone, has Gematria of '65' like Music.

Three Nineteen = 65

He died on March 19, like 3/19, or 19/3.  193, 44th prime; Kill = 44

'319' reminds of how Prince died 319-days after his birthday, after singing a song about the number.  Think about how Prince died at '57'.

Read about Prince and 3/19 here:

His death began on March 16, when he was founded 'overdosed' on H.

Overdose = 103/113; 103, 27th prime; Ritual = 27

That date can be written 13/6 or 16/3/  163, 38th prime; Kill = 38; Murder = 38; Death = 38

He fell ill 67-days after his 23rd birthday.

Blood Sacrifice = 67; Freemasonry = 67; Soul = 67

He died on the 78th day of the year.

Scottish Rite = 78; Chris = 78; Genesis = 78; Records spin at 78 RPMs

ALSO mentioned, Stefanie Sargent.

Right away, her date of death pops, at age 24.  Cat = 24/144 (Ordinal / Sumerian)

6/27/1992 = 6+27+19+92 = 144 (Forty Four = 144) (Killer = 144) (Time = 144)
6/27 = 6+27 = 33

Her brand of music was punk rock, fitting right in with Seattle.

Next, her name, which connects to '163', the 38th prime, like Andrew Wood practically dying March 16, or 16/3.

Death = 38; Murder = 38; Killing = 38

She died 26-days after turning 24-years-old in the (206) area code.

Her name was right for Rock in Seattle, especially 'Grunge Music'.

Seattle, on the 47th parallel; Rock = 47; Radio = 47

Murder = 79

137, the 33rd prime

Chris Cornell performed his last show all-time, May 17, the 137th day of the year.

Also, for one more parallel to Andrew Wood...

He fell ill on the 75th day of the year.

Saturn = 93; Black Hole Sun = 93; Sun, 93m miles away

Saturn is the keeper of time.  Time = 47

Vitalogy, eh?

I could go on about all those albums.

But I'll leave it at two quick decodes.

Rock = 47; Radio = 47; Seattle on the 47th Parallel

And don't overlook that it was '94.  Ninety Four = 147; Freemason = 147

Now we know how these names were coined.  Mudhoney?

I'm also remind of my past work on the connections between the death of Scott Weiland and David Bowie.  Dark Star ring a bell?  Again, if you have missed my recent work on the passing of Chris Cornell, it has a lot to do with the upcoming eclipse, August 21, 2017.