Monday, July 10, 2017

What's the value of the truth?

In my years of speaking out I have learned how little of value is in the truth in the minds of many.  Most people wouldn't donate a second of thought towards it, let alone a dollar.  Perhaps then, the truth has zero value to the average person, unlike some salty and greasy french fries, or a sugar filled soda, which people cough up the deniro for left and right.  For me personally, the truth has COST A LOT.  For four years of working straight I have been paid $0 and have given up annual salaries that would have equated to a substantial sum.  I have also had all of my life's savings and accumulated valuables stolen.  For all that, most people can only focus on the petty amount of money raised for a cause which has not been fully allocated due to the fact that the men who were helping me in the cause sold me out, and which is now temporarily on pause.

So I'll ask one more time.  For a man to give up the prime of his life, putting out the truth when it needed to be be put out, what is that worth?  Had I stayed in a classroom setting and taught 30 children a year for the past 4 years, I would have been paid about $200,000.  For reaching out to the world and teaching tens of thousands, what's the value of that?  Consider for the last four years I have been putting in 10 hours  day, 7 days a week.  70x52x4...

Here's a good example of how few people value what I am doing, or hear the call of my message:

When I finish the book, if it doesn't sell, I have to move on.  I cannot continue to labor day after day with the purpose of awaking the masses when no one wants to be woke, or support.  When I was 18, this is what I understood about the world, and perhaps from the time of 30 to going on 34, this is what I have proven finally to myself, that there is no hope for the people of this world, which seems to be the case.  I don't say that be a debbie downer, I say it because it seems be truth, gospel, fact, as provable as our need to breathe, sleep, eat and drink.