Tuesday, September 12, 2017

129 666 999 | Apple iPhone's new technology for 2017 (Wireless charging and face recognition)

Computer = 666
Interent = 666
Humanity = 666

First Apple computer marketed for $666.

Now the latest, $999.  And the latest is important.


There are two things to know about this phone and the direction of technology.

1)  This phone unlocks by recognizing your face.  It should make one wonder what other facial recognition technology is around us already.

2)  This phone can charge wirelessly, and it says coffee shops and more are beginning to install the technology for wireless charging.  This means that the world ahead will have at least one more form of energy / frequency radiating around us, doing who knows what to our human operating system.


This preson makes a great point about technology and man, and transhumanism.

This announcement comes September 12, or 12/9, something like 129.

America = 129
Synagogue = 129

Mainstream = 113