Thursday, November 2, 2017

50 112 | Andrew Luck placed on IR on November 2, 2017 +More proof of fake injuries in rigged sports +Andrew Luck & Super Bowl 54?

Andrew Luck = 112
Kathy Luck = 112 *His mother
Horseshoe = 112
November 2, or 11/2

Last year Luck played in Houston 112-days before the Super Bowl

Houston = 112 (Luck played HS ball in Houston and his father played for the Oilers)
Super Bowl = 112

Maybe we did cause them to flip the script last year.  My house was wrecked the same day the Colts were eliminated from playoff contention, December 24, 2016.

*They're saving his scripted career for next season.  Remember, everything has to line up by their planned codes, thus why he didn't get to play this season.

Colt = 50
11/2/2017 = 11+2+20+17 = 50

Super Bowl 54 will be 50th Super Bowl of the modern era...
That's two years from now...