Monday, December 5, 2016

10 13 29 33 39 41 51 83 | MNF, December 5, 2016, Colts 41, Jets 10 +The Andrew Luck super tributes & Super Bowl 51

MNF = 33; 12/5/16 (December 5) = 12+5+16 = 33; Joe Namath = 33; Super Bowl 3 rematch

*The Colts improved to 3-3 on the road tonight

Andrew Luck earns his 41st regular season win, winning 41-10, in a rematch of Super Bowl 3.  For a moment, the score was 41 to 3.  Super Bowl = 41; Baltimore = 41; Jim Irsay = 41

Get it a score of 41-3, or 'Super Bowl' (41)-3.

Also, 41 is the 13th prime number, and this is the final game of Week 13.
Last year, Andrew Luck missed his first career game, and the Colts went to overtime 13-13, winning with Hasselbeck filling in for Luck.

13 has been a big number for the Colts all season.

As for the final score of 41-10, notice the sum of 51, in the season of Super Bowl 51.  Today is a span of 63-days from the Super Bowl.  When you sum 1 through 63, it totals 2016, like the year.

Also, '10' connects to New York, where the game was, and Indinapolis.

Ten = 39; NY = 39; New York = 39; Indianapolis is on the 39th Parallel

Also, Luck has 39 birth numerology.

And tonight... Luck threw 3 TD passes to #83, and this game came precisely 83-days after Luck's birthday, September 12, 2016.

Football = 83; in 1983, Archie Manning and Oliver Luck played for the Houston Oilers

Notice Luck also had 29 throwing attempts.  Football = 29/83


  1. It's week 13 and I still have no clue if it's Giants or Vikings in the Super Bowl.

    1. Leaning Vikings. The Colts and Vikes play each other week 15, the reflection of 51. But we'll see what happens.

    2. The giants appear to be the more likely team to make it, if the vikings lose next week, it's gonna be tough to climb out of a 6-7 hole. Vikings only have a chance for the wildcard since they're two games behind the lions which is really 3 games due to their head to head matchups. So they have to beat out Tampa Bay/Atlanta and packers/redskins for the wild card.

    3. I think it's Giants. The Joe McKnight story was heavy with Colts and Giants numbers

    4. I noticed the Jets had 250 total yards. 250 like 2/5.
      The Colts had 421 total yards. 421 is the 82nd prime. New York Giants = 82.

    5. I highly doubt they'll lose to the Jags. In fact I wouldn't be surprised if they win out. But you know the coding better than I do so I'm not gonna assume nothin

    6. 70 plays for the Colts, 52 for the Jets. Giants = 70.
      27 first downs for Colts, 12 for Jets. Total of 39. New York = 39.

    7. I think Vikings will still get the #6 wild card

    8. just do two different parlays like I did plus do a 3rd bet for colts to win afc championship

    9. shit Colts had 421 yards, didnt even notice prince death day..I still have doubts about colts Vikings, would be on eof the worse SB matches ever

  2. First thing I thought when I saw the score was 41 points = Superbowl, 51 total points for SB51, against a NY team... Fits perfectly.

  3. I like how Luck got his 121st TD pass against New York, the revelation number.

    Revelation = 121; 726
    New York establishment 7/26/1788


    7+2+6+1+7+8+8 = 39
    New York = 39
    Jets will be 3-9
    Indianapolis on the 39th parallel

    He also passed Johnny Unitas on the night for TD passes on first 66 games. Unitas had 119 in 66. This is in the game against New York.

    9/11 and 33 are connected.
    Thirty three = 66
    Thirty three = 156
    911 the 156th prime
    9/11 false flag in New York
    False flag = 33, 156

    Johnny Unitas died on the one year anniversary of 9/11.

    Crazy amount of scripting in this game. If Colts end with 41 points, against New York...

    Super Bowl = 41
    The other New York team, the Giants.

    We'll see.

    1. Don't forget ... 10 years ago colts won super bowl 41

  4. Just saw your post about the number 70 then saw this head line: "Luck grounds the jets" in the English Reduction system equals 70. Looks like McKnight was a timely sacrifice for the colts super bowl run.

    1. Not to mention they won with 41 and super bowl 41 was the last super bowl they won, the one prince performed in. Just to remind, Jim or say bought Princes yellow cloud guitar which he used in his super bowl performance. "Yellow cloud guitar " in the English Reduction system equals 79, champion =79.
      "Yellow cloud guitar " in the English Ordinal system equals 223
      Super bowl trophy " in the English Ordinal system equals 233

    2. Ryan Grigson, the Colts GM, was born on 2/23/72 as well

  5. This is the biggest sign that your predictions from the start of the season might be true. If it comes true, which Im actually believing it might, Zachary will go down in history. The man who officially exposed the rigged NFL. That is breaking news.

    1. On another note, I remember how you mention this might be one of the last Superbowls. Perhaps this was their plan all along, maybe realised a smart dude (Zach in this case) would figure out their code, make breaking news and exposing NFL rigged like the WWE and therefore end the league.

  6. They're making a big fat deal about Tom Brady getting 201st win...i think with the win makes him defeat every team in the NFL.

    From deflate gate game 1/18/15 to the 201st win 12/4/16 is 98 weeks.
    Tom Brady =98
    Ten days later=144 he gets the win after the death of the mother of the Brady's (Brady bunch)
    Forty four=144

    1. Also the 98th prime is 521 the date backwards of the colts victory the next day (today) vs jets 41-10...

    2. As zach documented Rams=201 in Jewish


  7. The scores prime number is interesting
    4110 prime number is 39041
    Looks like

  8. The NFC North is going to finish out crazy I think. The Lions, Packers, and Vikings might all finish 9-7. The tiebreaker might go to the Packers. So I really think the Vikings are done. Then again this is just my opinion.

    1. Actually what I really see is Lions and Packers tieing at 9-7 and the Vikings 8-8. Packers win the division. As far as Colts go, they have by far the most Superbowl coding. I'm seeing a lot for the Packers, Ravens, Chiefs, Cowboys, Giants, and Seahawks as well. I've been doing tons of research and this whole season is really a toss up between those teams. Its hard to read these numbers when all the teams are showing signs lol. From what I've found, Packers vs Ravens is a tempting choice(yeah I know, call me crazy), but I cannot see Colts losing in the playoffs...Colts vs Seahawks is another one that's showing a lot. But hey, we all won't know until mid playoffs for sure...

    2. The Lions are going to win the North. There may be a game for the division week 17 (if the lions don't wrap up the divison) and then all the betters will bet on the packers and the Lions will win. I've been right about the lions all year. Trust me

    3. NFL likes to plan out its season so that week 17 matters, like natural conference championships. Of course Green Bay and Detroit will be the big game.

      GB vs. NE

      They might get to 10-6 friends. Some of your colts reasons should actually be Packer reasons for SB, too. Just listen to those pregame announcers and the first 10 minutes stats they throw out there.

      McPherson and Harry Crack, we will be the only ones admiring Green Bay and Rodgers hamstring, think Christmas ham!

      I just called An Oakland A's v. Pittsburgh Pirates World series, I have no idea if the Pirates are good enoughbut... My spread is in the comments of R.S. dead at 42.

      Tying Rashaan Salaam, the Oakland "Ghost Ship" fire, Trump, and the 88th All - Star Game, together.

      It's 117 days till opening day. In the 117th season.

  9. Told yall the triple 6 would happen. Texans lost colts won now they all sittingon 6 6 6 with titans in rd13

    1. Round 13 masonic 3-3 road record also. Colts are going to sb. Triple 6 always happens