Monday, January 1, 2018

19 41 44 48 52 57 98 112 131 185 | There's a 'field goal' ritual going on with the '98 Vikings, and the 2017-18 NFL Playoffs

In light of Blair Walsh's December 31, 2017 miss as a Seahawk and ex-Viking, against the Cardinals, we better get a load of this...

Read more about Blair Walsh's January 16, 2010 and December 31, 2017 misses here:

19-years ago, in the 1998-99 NFL season, Gary Anderson, the placekicker of the Vikings had the miss of his career, against the Atlanta Falcons. BIRD:  SEAHAWKS, FALCONS

The Seahawks miss came against a bird as well.  BIRD:  CARDINAL

The only bird missing is the EAGLE.

In light of 19, think about how this was a big Seattle miss against the Vikings, 19-years later...

2017-18 is the 98th season of the NFL

Gary Allan Anderson = 98 (He had a perfect season in '98, until playoff miss.

Not for the real kicker, notice where he was on the field when he missed, the 38.

Notice Gary is 58-years-old.

Next year will be Minnesota's 58th season.

It is the Patriot's 58th season... who else?

AND again, Vikings are hosting Super Bowl 52.

Read about the death of Denny Green and U.S. Bank Stadium:

If you write down 'fifty-seven', it connects to Super Bowl.

Don't forget about Prince, who performed in Super Bowl 41, and who died by the numbers in Minnesota, April 21, 2016, the 112th day of the year.

Prince's death and the Super Bowl:

As for those Eagles, who are 13-3, same as Minnesota... Minnesota = 133 (RO)

Don't forget how the Eagles won with 19-points on Christmas.  That was 41-days before the SB.

4/21/16 = 4+21+16 = 41 (Prince's date of death)

As for a 'field goal' being the narrative, the Super Bowl is on a date with numerology of 44.

2/4/2018 = 2+4+20+18 = 44

If we look at the remaining kickers left in the playoffs, there could be some huge clues.  We know that the birthday of the kicker is going to factor into the equation.

1982 draft... Vesica Piscis = 82 (Shape of football); New England Patriots = 82

This is the season 35-years since his draft class and rookie season.  Tom Brady = 35

The Super Bowl is on the 35th day of the year, February 4.

He was the 171st first pick and missed on 17/1 (January 17).

Notice Gary Anderson was 39-years-old that season, and he has a July 16 birthday, or 16/7, something like 167, the 39th prime number.

*Big Ben shut down August 21, 2017, 167-days before Super Bowl.  Big Ben = 39
*Big Ben the Steelers QB would become 16-7 if he won Super Bowl 52.

GARY ANDERSON MISSED THE FIELD GOAL A SPAN OF 181-DAYS (180-days if no span) BEFORE HIS 40TH BIRTHDAY (181, the 42nd prime).

It was also 185-days after his 39th birthday or a span of 186-days.

Super Bowl = 112

He was approaching 40.  TOM BRADY is 40.

Checkout these Week 17 scores of the NFL 2017-18 season, the one with the "19 riddle".

This is the losing score of the Seahawks game, with the Blair Walsh miss.

The AFC can win its 26th Super Bowl.  Tom Brady can win his 6th.

Now think about this score.

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