Saturday, July 23, 2016

38 44 49 52 121 155 | The death of Denny Green and the opening of U.S. Bank Stadium, July 22, 2016

Blood Sacrifice = 67
Freemasonry = 67
Prince dead 67-days after Vanity (February 15-April 21, 2016) (Prince's birthday, June 7, or 6/7)

Vanity dead at 57; Prince dead at 57; Fifty-Seven = Championship = Super Bowl

Prophecy = 52; Paisley Park = 52; Vikings are hosting Super Bowl 52

Denny Green died 52-days before the Vikings opener against 'Tennessee'.   Tennessee = 52

The long times Viking coach, Dennis Green, has died 155-days after his 67th birthday, just before the opening of U.S. Bank Stadium.

This is not an arbitrary number.

The name of the stadium also connects to 'Minnesota' and death.

The date of his death was also right for 'killing'.

7/21/16 = 7+21+16 = 44

The Super Bowl will be played on a date with '44' numerology this coming season.

2/5/2017 = 2+5+20+17 = 44

The U.S. Bank Stadium opened July 22, 2016, the day after his reported death.  Reportedly, Dennis Geen died later in the evening, July 21, 2016, when it was already July 22 (UST).

7/22/2016 = 7+22+(2+0+1+6) = 38 (Minnesota) (Death)

12/3/2013 = 12+3+20+13 = 48 (Super Bowl 52 will be 48th Super Bowl of modern era)

Recall that when you divide 22/7, you get 3.14, for 'Pi'.  If you sum the first '144' decimal points of Pi, it sums to '666', having to do with 'time' and 'prophecy'.

Beast = 47 (SE); Time = 47 (SE); First Super Bowl in 47th season of NFL

Appropriately, the stadium opened with stormy weather.

The last Super Bowl the Vikings played in, was in 1977, 41-years prior to Super Bowl 52, which they are to host.  Notice the address of '401', much like '41'.  Prince died on a date with '41' numerology and performed in Super Bowl 41.  Also, the NFL was born in Chicago, the name of the street with the address number '401'.

From the date of Dennis Green's death, to the date of the upcoming season opener, September 11, 2016, against the Tennessee Titans, is 52-days, a number of 'prophecy', and Minnesota is hosting Super Bowl 52 in 2018.  Also, 'Tennessee' has gematria of '52'.

Tennessee = 34/52/106 (Prophecy = 52/106)

The Vikings again, are hosting SUPER BOWL 52.  This year's coming Super Bowl is also on February 5, or 5/2.

Tennessee = 34/52

Further notice the span of 1-month and 21-days, this connects to 'Revelation', the Book of Prophecy.

Revelation = 49/67/121

The name Green has gematria connecting to Revelation and he was born in '49.  He also was an assistant coach of the 49ers who just hosted the last Super Bowl, at Levi's Stadium.

From the date the Colts and Vikings play in the regular season, December 18, 2016, until the date of Super Bowl 51, February 5, 2017, hosted in the hometown's of Adrian Peterson and Andrew Luck, is 49-days.

Notice that game between the Vikings and Colts comes in WEEK 15, the reflection of 51.

Remember, 112 is the alt dialing code for 911, and the Vikings home opener is on September 11, or 9/11.  HOUSTON, DO WE HAVE A PROBLEM?  The movie 'Oblivion' hints at this being the last Super Bowl.  It also drops a clue for 'New York' via Tom Cruise's hat.

2/5/2017 = 2+5+20+17 = 44