Wednesday, January 3, 2018

6 7 13 17 44 52 68 70 98 | Alabama over Georgia in College Football Championship? +Saban and Tom Brady

Alabama can earn its 17th championship, to close out the '17-'18 season.

*They won their 16th in January of 2016.

Remember, the playoff games were defined by 13, with Georgia and Alabama winning.

The square root of 169 is 13.

Alabama could get their 13th win over Georgia, becoming 13-1.  Championship = 13-1

Recall the last two championships.

In 2016, Alabama won 31-days after their RB won the Heisman.  Alabama = 31

In 2017, Clemson defeated Alabama with 99 offensive plays, #13 catching the winning TD.

CONSIDER, 13 is the 7th Fibonacci Number

Think about the G on the Georgia helmet.

Nick Saban can win his 6th championship.

13 is the 6th Prime Number

He would win his 6th, at age 66...  (*Game is on 1/8 in '18.... 6+6+6 = 18)

#6 over UGA?

 He would win over his former assistant coach, Kirby Smart.

Kiry is 42.  42 is 4+2 is 6

G = 42 (Sumerian) (Sumerian = Letter x 6, so 7x6)

Notice his birthday is a span of 17-days before the championship, and Alabama can win their 17th all-time.

Consider, 17 is the 7th prime number

If Alabama does win, and Saban gets his 6th title, consider this...

Tom Brady could earn his 6th Super Bowl to close out the 98th NFL Season.

*99th NFL Season ends with Super Bowl 53 in ATL.  *New England = 99; *Patriots = 53

*Tom Brady became starter at Michigan in '98.


Starting QB Comparison:

38 is the number with the QBs; Jake Fromm = 38; Jalen Hurts = 38

ALSO, all-time, Alabama leads Auburn 38-25-4.

This will be the 68th game between the two teams.  Championship = 68

Consider this is a home game for Georgia.

Alabama was the #4 seed.  Now they're a 4-point favorite.  Georgia = 44

Read about Nick Saban the Mercedez-Benz dealer:

Also read about Nick Saban losing his father 44-years ago:

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