Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Reader Contribution | Road to College Football Championship & NFL Super Bowl in 2018

It's about Georgia (playing championship in Georgia) and Minnesota (potentially playing championship in Minnesota).

*Think about how the Vikings Stadium was brand new last year, and the Georgia Dome is brand new this year... that's another thing worth mentioning.  Again, Denny Green died the day before opening the Super Bowl Stadium, set to host Super Bowl 52 in Minnesota, and he died 52-days before Minnesota's first game.  Minnesota = 52; UGA = 52

The 52 piece is important.  Georgia knocked out Baker Mayfield who won the Heisman 239-days after his birthday.  Baker Mayfield = 239; 239, the 52nd prime

Think about the Philadelphia flag ritual and 239 in the NFL this year...

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