Thursday, August 9, 2018

41 49 121 | LeBron James vs. Stephen Curry on Christmas Day and MLK Jr. Day, AGAIN

Once again, LeBron James will play Steph Curry on Christmas, and then again on Martin Luther King Jr. Day.  Remember, LeBron is King James, and Stephen means crown.

The date of MLK Day in 2019 is fascinatin, January 21, or 1/21, or 121.  It is also a date with numerology of 41.

1/21/19 = 1+21+19 = 41 (King = 41)

Warriors = 121
Golden State = 41

If the NBA Finals are to begin on a Thursday again, as they have in recent years, they will start May 30, 2019, 129-days after the MLK Day meeting, or a span of 130-days.  That is also 4-months and 9-days later.  Warriors = 49

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