Wednesday, August 8, 2018

81 99 | The Utah Utes & their old name, the Redskins +Alex Smith in the NFL's 99th season and Urban Meyer's "81" ritual suspension

Alex Smith used to play for Utah... who used to be the Redskins, and now in his 13th NFL season (playing) he is with the Redskins, for the NFL's 99th season.

Redskins = 99
Thirteen = 99

The season begins on 9/9.

On September 23, the day leaving 99-days left in the year, the Chiefs and 49ers play each other, Smith's old teams, and Smith plays against Rodgers, the player he was drafted ahead of in 2005.

ALSO, Urban Meyer was Smith's coach at Utah.  His suspension on August 1, or 8/1, like 81, by Ohio State, was after coaching 81-games at Ohio State.

81 = 9x9...
Ritual = 81 / 81

Can all this be a coincidence?

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