Monday, April 8, 2019

66 71 85 317 353 | Virginia Cavaliers beat Texas Tech Red Raiders in National Championship, April 8, 2019

The first March Madness was in '85.  *Nipsey Hussle was born in '85.

As predicted, Duke or Virginia would win the championship, based on the February 8, 2019 news story about Justin Fairfax raping a woman at Duke.

Read that story here:

The day after that news broke, Duke beat Virginia 81-71.

This was the 81st NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament.

It was the 35th March Madness.

Notice Virginia lost that game with 71.

Virginia finished the season 35-3 (like 353), winning their 35th tournament win in the championship... and again, in the 35th March Madness.

Notice Texas Tech fell to 31-7, like 317, the 66th prime.

Texas Tech put up 63 shots against the Cavaliers.

Virginia did the 59 thing.

And for the record, notice what the over / under was before the game.  118.

Tony Bennett stayed on 89 career losses.

Chris Beard game in with 35 career losses.

The game was 311-days after Tony Bennett's birthday.

Texas Tech went down with 77-points.

Keep in mind April 8 is the 98th day of the year.


  1. during the game they showed a stat about UVA winning 61 in a row when leading after half or something.. knew it would be 62; Minneapolis=62

  2. Also, look at how Milwaukee and Golden States PPG averages are both hovering around 118 this season... the only 2 teams on/near 118

    1. Milwaukee has no shot to win EAST

    2. sorry bro, I guess that is what I thought you meant. lol

    3. no worries, but who you see then- Philly or Boston cuz I know you aint saying Raptors are you?

  3. As predicted it was claimed the champion was predicted when it Never was.

  4. Did anyone see the commercial about the 63 possessions? LOL

  5. 85 to 77 = 8 Point Margin

    "Eight Point Margin"=====555 J
    "Triple Digits Code"=====555

    "Eight Point Winner"=====98 <<< 98th Day of the Year?
    "Score of Eighty Five"==== 98 <<< Reverse of 89 ?

    77 + 85 = 162

    "A Points Total"===========================162 O
    "The ACC are Champions"====================162 O
    "Winners Score"===========================162 O
    "Final Points"=============================162 RO
    "the Red Raiders Defeated in a Overtime"============162 R
    "Sum NCAA March Madness Championship Game Points"==162 R

    "Final Game Overtime"=====85 <<< Winners points?
    "March Madness Winners"===85
    "ACC NCAA Championship"==85

    "Winner of First Championship Game"======162 , 333 O <<<
    "Red Raiders are the NCAA Final Game Losers"=162, 333

    "The [Three Three Three] Win Symbol"=======144, 333
    "Symbol of a [Virginia Cavaliers] Win"======= 144, 333
    "Time"==========================144 <<< 12th Fibonacci

    77 + 85 = 162


    1. "The Winners Script"======85 R <<< Winning Points?

      "Winning College Team"====89 <<< 98th Day?
      "Virginia Cavaliers"=======89

      "Championship Teams in Two Thousand Nineteen"==179 R
      "Virginia Cavaliers"=======================179 O
      "Nine Hundred Eleven"======================179 O

      "Freemasonic Symbol"======911
      "Mind Control Operations"=== 911


    2. signal number = 555 satanic

    3. "Satanic Pedophiles"====555 J
      "Masonic Blood Sacrifice"=555 J

      "Five Five Five Code"=========2222 J
      "Hoax by the U.S.A. Government"=2222

  6. ESPN College Gameday reported last night that UVA is 66-6 over the past two seasons. Hmmmmm...

    1. "A Sixty Six & Six Virginia Cavaliers Record"==501, 444
      "Four Thousand Nine Hundred Seventy Three"=501, 444

      ^^^^^^^^^^ 666th Prime Number ^^^^^^^^^

      "Prophecy"====666 J
      "Symbolic Code"=666


  7. The 77 points in relation to Bush 41 could be about USS George H.W. Bush (CVN-77) aka “Avenger”. Reminds me of Avengers: Endgame

  8. Virginia's Braxton Key is a cousin of Virginia's most famous player ever, Ralph Sampson. Nice! Virginia held Texas Tech to 77-points to coincidentally coincide with Ralph Sampson's birthday of 7/7.

    Virginia wins the National Championship in overtime(OT)and gets their 35th win, 35-years after their previous Final 4 appearance.

    "Cavalier" = 35(Full Reduction)
    "OT" = 35(English Ordinal)
    "April 8, 2019" = 35(Chaldean)

    Virginia(8-letters)was "gifted" the "win" by 8-points on the 8th of April in OT.

    "OT" = 8(Full Reduction)

    Virginia's previous Final 4 appearance was back in '84 and this most recent one concluded on 4/8(84/48).

    "Zionism" = 84(Reverse Ordinal)
    "April 8, 2019" = 84(ALW Kabbalah)

    "Freemason" = 48(Reverse Full Reduction)
    "Texas Tech" = 48(Reverse Full Reduction)
    "5-Minutes" = 48(Reverse Full Reduction) - 5-minute OT

    This was also the first National Championship Game to go into overtime(OT) in 11-years, when Kansas defeated Memphis in 2008. Kansas was embarrassed in the 1st Round of the previous year's tournament and then came back to redeem themselves in '08 in OT. Virginia was embarrassed in the 1st Round of last year's tournament and came back to redeem themselves this year in OT. Virginia finished 35-3(3+5+3 = 11).

    Virginia won their 35th game by the score of 85-77(8+5+7+7 = 27), and their leading scorer had 27 for the game. 35-days prior, the Cavs won their 27th game.

    "First" = 27(Full Reduction) - First championship game to go into OT in 11-years, and it was Virginia's first ever championship win.
    "Eleven" = 27(Full Reduction) - Both Virginia and Texas Tech made 27-shots in this game.
    "Red" = 27(English Ordinal) - Texas Tech Red Raiders
    "Cavs" = 27(Reverse Full Reduction)
    "Cousin" = 27(Full Reduction) - Ralph Sampson's little cousin, helped "win," or more correctly participated in Virginia's first ever RIGGED National Championship.
    "Upset" = 27(Reverse Full Reduction) - Virginia was redeemed this year after last year's upset in the 1st Round.

    Texas Tech and Virginia played in the 1st OT championship game in 11-years. 89 is the 11th Fibonacci Number

    "Virginia Cavaliers" = 89(Full Reduction)
    "Texas Tech Red Raiders" = 89(Full Reduction)

    Virginia's first ever tournament appearance was back in the year of '76 and this year's tournament brackets were released on the 76th day! Virginia won their 2nd game of the season over George Washington with 76-points, beating them by 19(hinting at their first ever National Championship in '19). History says that Virginia was our country's very first colony and George Washington led us to independence in the year '76.

    "Virginia" = 76(LCH Kabbalah)
    "Bennett" = 76(Jewish Ordinal) - Head coach, Tony Bennett
    "April 8, 2019" = 76(English Ordinal)

    Both teams were tied at 68 going into OT of the basketball championship of April Eighth. 1/31 was a span of 68-days from the championship game.

    "Championship" = 131(English Ordinal)

    Virginia scored a whopping 17-points in the extra 5-minute overtime period. They were on pace to score 68-points if this had been for an entire half of college basketball.

    "Extra" = 68(English Ordinal)
    "Basketball" = 68(Reverse Full Reduction)
    "Championship" = 68(Full Reduction)
    "April Eighth" = 68(Full Reduction)

    Virginia "won" with 85-points, on 4/8.

    "Virginia Wins 4/8" = 85(Full Reduction)
    "Virginia Wins 2019" = 85(Full Reduction)
    "Virginia Wins!" = 85(Jewish Reduction)
    "Basketball" = 85(English Ordinal)

  9. In his 10th year as head coach of Virginia, Tony Bennett leads the Cavaliers to an average win of 10-points per tournament game, winning the championship in overtime(OT).

    "UVA" = 10(Jewish Reduction)
    "OT" = 10(Reverse Full Reduction)

    In his 10th year, Bennett won the National Championship in OT, winning 35-games as head coach of Virginia, 35-years after their previous Final 4 appearance.

    "Ten Years" = 35(Full Reduction)
    T, Bennett" = 35(Septenary)
    "OT" = 35(English Ordinal)
    "UV" = 35(KFW Kabbalah)
    "Virginia" = 53(Full Reduction)(35/53)
    "Tony Bennett" = 53(Reverse Full Reduction) - Tony Bennett wins his first National Championship at Virginia in the same season as Super Bowl 53. Virginia won with 53-points on the 23rd of November and Super Bowl 53 was played on 2/3.

    Both teams were tied at 68 heading into overtime of the basketball championship. 1/31 was a span of 68-days from the National Championship.

    "Bennett's 10th Year" = 131(Reverse Full Reduction EP)
    "Championship" = 131(English Ordinal)

    "Tenth" = 68(Reverse Ordinal)
    "Tony Bennett's First" = 68(Chaldean)
    "Championship" = 68(Full Reduction)
    "Basketball" = 68(Reverse Full Reduction)

    Tony Bennett's birthday is on 6/1 and he just won his first National Championship during his 10th season at Virginia.

    "Bennett's 10th Year" = 61(Septenary)
    "UV" = 61(Reverse Squares)

  10. Virginia won with 53-points, 53-days after Super Bowl 53. This game was on March 28 of this year.

    "March 28" = 53(English Ordinal)


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