Monday, April 8, 2019

77 85 | The 2019 College Championship, Virginia and Texas Tech, and the Civil War (Reader Contribution)

Great research here.


  1. Super Bowl winning score (13)-3
    College championship #1 vs #3
    Nipsey hussle dead at 33 on the 31st born in 85
    Virginia orange team won with 85pts
    Tied 68-68
    1968 = race wars
    Red raiders vs cavaliers = cowboys ?
    The cowboys beat the bills 30-13 on 1/30-1994
    In Georgia the peach state
    Virginia #1 team lost to #16 team last year
    116 like 911 or 119
    The MVP of that Super Bowl was emmitt Smith
    The championships first time out the score was tied last night at 2-2 with 17:03 remaining in the first
    17:03=83 or 38
    The London marathon turns 38 in May
    Nipsey owned a store named marathon
    Girlfriend is Laura LONDON

    Cheers 🥂

    1. hey ur still around, What happened to Schmacks?

    2. "ACC One Seed in Championship Game"===666 J
      "Prophecy"======================666 J
      "Symbolic Code"===================666 J

  2. I predicted Virginia. Patrick Reed = 911. He will win back to back Master's on 4/14, same exact day as Tiger did it in 2002. Large and small V on stock charts prove it. Proof is here:

    1. Thanks for your blog, but how come there are no ways to comment on it now? Also, How do you get Patrick Reed=911?

    2. I think Tiger Woods Wins...not Patrick Reed....At least that is what the Golf Media is Signaling.

    3. Patrick Reed repeat= 85 he is born august fifth. He won the 85th masters. If he wins again his birthday is a span of 114 days from this Sunday.


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