Sunday, July 14, 2019

33 147 | Trump tweets racist attacks at congresswomen, July 14, 2019 news

*If you read his Tweets, there aren't any racist comments, but this is how the media is carrying it.

Today has 33 date numerology.

14/7/2019 = 14+7+(2+0+1+9) = 33

Keep in mind today can be expressed as 14/7, like 147.

33 and 147 come together through 'Masonry' and 'Freemason'.


  1. "Guaranteed Diversion" = 113 rr
    "Trump's Weekend Tweets" = ** 103 rr, 77 red
    "Controlled Opposition" = ** 103 rr ... surprise, surprise.

    I suspect these women aren't as torn up as they want the populace to be. They're getting free "victim" PR, & you can be sure there are other perks being doled out for their exuberant role-playing in this segment of "Trump's Theater" = 77 rr. :D ;D

  2. this site is pure fiction.. only a tin foil hat nut job would believe any of this BS. You guys are just as pathetic as the flat earthers

    1. You poor "thing". What are you doing here?

  3. "Trump Tweets Racist Attacks At Congresswomen" = 147(Full Reduction)
    "Racist Attacks At Congresswomen" = 147(Single Reduction KV)

    "14th" = 33(English Ordinal)

    "July 14" = 45(Reverse Ordinal) - Trump the 45th

    "July 14th, 2019" = 47(Reverse Full Reduction)
    "President" = 47(Full Reduction)
    "Trump" = 47(Reverse Ordinal)
    "White House" = 47(Reverse Full Reduction)

  4. Not this topic but....AboutAugust 10-11 this year.


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