Thursday, July 11, 2019

35 | Louisiana facing three forms of flooding - river, rain and storm surge

Barry = 35; Flooding = 35


  1. Zion W. Connection, maybe

  2. Hurricane Florence was the same thing in North Carolina and no big North Carolina team won the championship in 2018 or 2019

    1. That came after the Carolinas dominated the basketball tournament.

    2. No Villanova won in 2018 on April 2nd in 2018 the tarheels won in 2017 against Gonzaga on April 3rd 2017

  3. AD was traded for LAKERS ! On 6/6
    AD & Vogel = UK wildcats
    Notice the UK Ambassador resigned
    “ George Bush doesn’t care about black people “
    Now it’s Trumps turn to shit on the French quarter

    Notice USWNT won in FRANCE
    Notice The Saints were ROBBED
    Notice Kim Was ROBBED in PARIS
    Notice Danny Green was ROBBED in Canada=French
    Notice Trump bragged about his military parade like
    In France and the RAINi Normandy

    Noah’s flood and the 7th Church LADOCEA

  4. Interesting tidbit: The Mississippi River flooded 80 miles wide in some areas during the "Great Flood of 1927". Basically, that is flooding out to half of Louisiana and to one third of Mississippi. McComb would be right around the outer tentacles of where the flooding would have reached, to get an idea of how wide it flooded. As a result of the "Great Flood of 1927" Congress passed measures to build levees and spillways and basins to prevent such massive flooding, and the Army Corps of Engineers began right away constructing flood preventions.

    Did you know the Mississippi River is presently flooded in the state of Mississippi below the Delta to Vicksburg? It has been flooded for five months straight (since February), maybe the longest flood ever in the State of Mississippi. No one expected the flood to last this long.

    Having been largely unreported, few people know except the hundreds of residents and farmers (having to relocate and probably never to return) and animals (dead and starving) and those working with the victims of this catastrophe. Only recently did the state's forestry service step in to provide feed for the dying and starving animals.

    Barring no rainfall whatsoever, the state would open the gates to relieve some of the flooding by August. But only yesterday there was major rain above the flood area, which will now increase the pressure and flooding. For every one inch of rain over the Mississippi River or close to it, the river rises three inches due to runoff.

    We also have the threat of the tropical storm riding up the Mississippi River. Nonetheless, the rain produced from Tropical Storm Barry threatens to continue the flooding in the region already flooded. No one can predict how long the flooding will endure because no one can predict the rainfall.

    It's a grand time for the alligators who are loving life and living it up! But it is NOT a grand time for those who live in that region and who have been camped out in hotels for five months. If you believe in prayer, you know what to do for those whose homes and livelihoods have been affected by the lingering flooding.

  5. Super Bowl 54= In Miami

    Saints host dolphins on 8/29 (811)
    Barry University near Dolphin stadium

    Saints open preseason vs Vikings ( Minnesota miracle)
    Favre was knocked out by Saints ( Miami hurricane )
    Jonathan Vilma blamed for Bounty gate

    Hurricanes Ray Lewis won his second super bowl in Louisiana Super Bowl 47 black out

    Dolphins #74 lost his left arm on 7/4/19

    Saints won SB 44 in Miami vs Louisiana native Peyton Manning

    Patriots Teddy bruschi #54 had a second stroke

    Drew brees asked Gronk if he’s going to play again
    @ ESPYS

    1. The crazy thing Favre is a French name and New Orleans is known for it French history

    2. interesting, but Saints arent SB bound. i'm certain as of now.

  6. So my husband is there working right now and and trying to get out in the morning. Weird thing is that the news keeps saying it’s ALREADY flooded there since Wednesday, he’s in NO and it has rained AT ALL. It’s really strange, why would they do that... Anyways praying he gets out and all are safe .

  7. Replies
    1. @Sarah - The same thing happened with Hurricane Katrina, predictions of flooding and storms and the exact areas that would be greatly affected. Some residents stated that the damage did not come from the Hurricane, it occurred when the levee's broke and flooded certain areas in August of 2005. This was done by the US Military, who use the HAARP System to create catastrophic weather conditions to maintain "Order Out Of Chaos". Hurricane Katrina began on the 23rd of August and from that date to the 12th of July a span of 13 yrs, 323 days.
      "13 Years, 323 Days"=48(Full Red.)
      "US Military"=48(Full Red.) The 48th prime is 223
      "Weather Warfare's"=223(Francis Bacon)
      Tisha B'Av ends on August 11th, which is the 223rd day of the year.


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