Thursday, July 11, 2019

11 27 88 | Dow reaches 27,000 for first time, July 11, 2019, 27-days after Trump's birthday

The Dow reached 27,000 for the first time, 27-days after Trump's birthday.

Don't forget about the 27 ritual this week with the death of Ross Perot on the day Tom Steyer announced he was running for President of the United States:

ALSO, notice the DowJones closed at 27,088, and was a big day for the banks.

Keep in mind it is the 11th day of July.

In light of the 27,000 mark, 27-days after Trump's birthday, don't forget that he was announced as the 45th President elect on the anniversary of the FALL of the Berlin Wall, November 9, 2016.

From the release of House of Cards to today is 77-months and 11-days.

Recall this headline from 2016, the year Trump Card was elected.

Keep in mind Trump is a "casino" guy, and today is July 11, or 7/11, dice numbers.

ALSO, don't forget what happened to the Dow on October 10, 2018, a date that was forecast on the cover of the Economist, January 9, 1988.

That was 39-weeks ago.

*October 10, 1880 was the date Trump's grandmother was born:

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  1. "First" = 27(Full Reduction)
    "Eleven" = 27(Full Reduction)

    I noticed that Ross Perot and Tom Steyer were born 27-years apart.

    "Twenty Seven Thousand" = 88(Jewish Reduction)(Trump)(Banks)(Jewish)
    "July 11th" = 88(KFW Kabbalah)

    "27-Thousand" = 39(Full Reduction)(Dow)(Dow Jones)(New York)

    "27-Thousand Points" = 77(Jewish Reduction)(7X11 = 77)

    "July Eleventh" = 211(Francis Bacon) - 211, the 47th Prime

    "Trump" = 47(Reverse Ordinal)(President)(White House)(Government)


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