Saturday, July 13, 2019

Reader Contribution | List of deaths in Dominican Republic

I need to look into this.

It appears to be a way to scare tourists.


    Hmm Barbara Corcoran seems oddly sure her brother died of natural causes, especially given that there was no autopsy performed in the DR or anywhere else. Maybe to become New York's most successful female real estate developer and a shark tank superstar comes with a pretty steep price tag... or maybe there was no such person as John Corcoran. In any case it makes sense these creepy, seemingly unconnected deaths would need to involve the requisite celebrity sighting.

    1. Good points -- especially the speculation about whether there ever was a "John Corcoran". Reminds me of fake "people" being constructed to facilitate money laundering and insurance fraud. These wealthy folks don't get that way by simple hard work, good choices & luck ... the world today just isn't structured that way.
      And like you stated, the celebrity tie-in seems expected.
      :D ;D

  2. Thanks to Bluntman124ever for compiling this list -- & to you, Zach for highlighting it. Very interesting. :D ;D


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