Saturday, August 3, 2019

19 20 26 38 46 | El Paso shooting death toll raised from 19 to 20, plus 26 more injured

At least 19 people were killed?  This is the 'chaos' code in our face...

Notice the update is at least 20 people dead, with 26 more shot, thus 46 people.

As for the latest count of 20 dead on August 3, or 3/8... that's the 'death' code.

I'm still waiting for the release of the name of the suspect.


  1. No hitter in Houston, no hitter and shooting go together

  2. The El Paso BS Shooting On 8/3 Is Referring To North Korea Attacking South Korea and or Japan On 8/12, 48 Days After Korea War Anniversary on 6/25. It is about the 38 degree north border of North and South Korea. Proof Here:

    1. You asked in your blog why something happened exactly 28 years ago. 28 = 2 x 2 x 7 = pi code history repeating itself.

    2. August 10 happens to be 227 years ago from french revolution began with monarky outed. 227 pi code

  3. Hey Zach...My city Dayton which had those torn memorial day just had a mass shooting in the Oregon District

  4. Marty Robbins' El Paso, used most recently in Felina the final episode of Break Bad. Felina supposedly link also to Heisenberg and Schrodinger's Cat, I.e. Uncertainty.

  5. In the statistics of the US Census Bureau El Paso is in the list of major US cities in 19th place.

  6. Today (August 4th) is the 216th day of the year. This happened in the Oregon District.

    Oregon District = 666 (Satanic). 6×6×6 = 216.

    This was said to happen on East 5th. When you write out East Fifth as a word, you get 149 (Reverse Ordinal). Today leaves 149 days left in the year.

    The shooting was said to have started at about 1:07a (since there is no numerical value for zero, this can read just like 17). Ohio is the 17th state.

  7. 20 Dead?

    "All" = 20
    "Death" = 20
    "K.G.B." = 20
    "Tactic" = 20

    "Twenty" = 107
    "Shooting" = 107
    "Earthquake" = 107
    "Nobody Dead" = 107 <<< 28th Prime
    "A.T.F." = 107


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