Friday, August 30, 2019

127 143 | Rob Gronkowski wants to fight in the WWE, August 30, 2019

This is one more reminder about the thin line between the WWE and NFL.

We just saw the retirement of Andrew Luck on Vince McMahon's 74th birthday, the WWE CEO, who owns the XFL, where Oliver Luck, Andrew's father, is the CEO.

Whup his ass = 127 / 143
Scottish Rite of Freemasonry = 127 / 143 

Vince McMahon is a Scottish Rite Freemason, and American football is credited to Scottish Rite Freemason, Walter Camp. 

8/30/19 = 8+30+19 = 57
Scottish Rite = 57


  1. Walter Camp..
    The 54th pick in the nfl draft was Calais Campbell.
    C and G seem very prominent in headlines the last month. C for century, 100.

  2. This particular article should have a ton of jibber jabber.. but no :( . People don't want to think so, but Pats may still show up again

  3. "Gronk vs Mojo" = 51(Full Reduction)
    "WWE" = 51(English Ordinal)
    "The NFL is WWE" = 51(Septenary)
    "The NFL is WWE" = 51(Chaldean)
    "Conspiracy" = 51(Full Reduction)

    "Gronk vs Mojo" = 57(Reverse Full Reduction)(Scottish Rite)
    "Conspiracy" = 57(Reverse Full Reduction)

    "NFL is WWE" = 33(Septenary)
    "Kennedy" = 33(Full Reduction) Vince's middle name

    "NFL is WWE" = 666(English Sumerian)
    "Kennedy" = 666(Reverse English Sumerian)

    "Gronk Wants To Fake It In The Ring" = 333(English Ordinal)

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