Thursday, August 8, 2019

58 68 88 | Record setting ICE raids in Morton, Mississippi, August 8, 2019 news

This news is front and center August 8, 2019, Trump Day.

As for the 680 people, the key digits are 68.

ICE raids sums to 68 as well.

The Mississippi piece goes back to him being the "winner" of the 58th pres. selection.

It also connects to ICE raids.


  1. CNN said it was an 'immigration sweep'

    immigration sweep = 88 full reduction

    1. Also 'record-setting' and 'Mississippi' overlap in two of the four base ciphers

    2. Both sum to 157 english ordinal the 37th prime

      August sums to 73 and 37

  2. I am about 90% convinced these raids don't actually happen. It's an illusion to pit the races against one another. This comes right on the heels of a supposed white supremacist shooter killing a bunch of Mexicans. Do we ever see videos of these raids? There was a hotline set up in California last time they did ICE raids and only five people called in and I don't think any of the callers were people actually affected by the raids. Republicans are celebrating something that doesn't exist.

  3. This happens in Homeland security 6100 day of existence
    Deportation =61


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