Saturday, August 17, 2019

74 | 43-year-old Rotem Amitai of Israel dies of measles, August 13, 2019

Another Jewish person is the victim of Measles.  This time it is 43-year-old Rotem Amitai.



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  1. "Rotem Amitai Dies From The Measles" = 143(Jewish Reduction)
    "Another Jewish Victim Of The Measles" = 143(Full Reduction)

    "There have been 4300 cases of measles in Israel since 2018" =

    181 is the 42nd Prime

    "Forty Two" = 43(Full Reduction)

    "Rotem Amitai" = 118(Jewish Ordinal) - this news comes six days after August 11, or 11/8.
    "Rotem Amitai Dies From The Measles" = 118(Septenary)
    "The Measles Claim Another Jew" = 118(Jewish Reduction)
    "Death" = 118(Jewish)

    "Six" = 52(English Ordinal)
    "Six Days After" = 52(Full Reduction)
    "Rotem Amitai" = 52(Full Reduction)

    "Six Days" = 43(Reverse Full Reduction)
    "Israeli" = 43(Jewish Reduction)

    "Israeli Flight Attendant Dies From The Measles" = 430(English Ordinal)

    This news comes a span of 137-days from the end of the year. 137, the 33rd Prime.

  2. Reminds me of the computer game Oregon Trail where your characters randomly die from diseases.
    Oregon = 74 haha

  3. Asked The High Authority NSA Software engineers about their computional intelligence system from the main software engineers, where they can design diseases for citizens, instead of removing them from citizens.


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