Sunday, September 1, 2019

19 26 46 78 41 103 113 | Dorian to decimate town of Freeport in Bahamas, September 1, 2019 news +46-years since independence from UK

Read my decode on Dorian here:

I notice every news broadcast has been focused on how it is amazing that Hurricane Dorian is going to pass over Freeport.

Scottish Rite = 78

Notice it was 46-years-ago that the Bahamas, a place where the people are largely the descendants of American / British slaves.

It's 2019...
and the storm hit the Bahamas on September 1, or 1/9, like 19...

46 & 19

It was also 7-weeks and 4-days after the July 10 anniversary.

Remember, Hurricane sums to 74 in Hebrew, and the qualifying wind speeds for a hurricane are 74 MPH.


  1. Trump tweet includes Alabama in the path of the storm.

    (Alabama 42pts W) not in the path? Storm 🤔
    Florida 24pts W
    North Carolina 24pts W
    Georgia 30pts W
    South Carolina 20pts lost

  2. Zach!

    September Fourth = 214, 79 (RO, RR)
    Nuclear Power Plant = 214, 79 (O, R)

    1. Brunswick Nuclear Power Plant is right on the coast of North Carolina.

      “Brunswick Nuclear Power Plant” = 118 (R), so very fitting for 9/4, the day leaving 118 days in the year. Also, 9/4 is 193 days from Warren Buffet’s megacatastrophe prediction... think of South Carolina, S.C... 19.3. Meltdown there could impact both Carolinas

    2. The hurricane isn’t looking to really hit South Carolina or North Carolina so far

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Oh, and you already know 2/23, like 223 (Natural Disaster)

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