Wednesday, September 4, 2019

20 | When Jupiter conjuncts Saturn, Presidents die

Listen to TFR, September 4, 2019.

A caller made a great observation about the 20-year pattern of Jupiter conjunct Saturn, and U.S. Presidents dying.  This is further evidence of how astrology and gematria overlap.


  1. That's what I meant to say at the beginning of the call. This information about the presidents is pretty generic when it comes to great conjunctions. It's on the "Great Conjunction" wikipedia page.

    1. "Twentieth Year Planetary Cycle" = 333

      Ever seen the Movie THX 1138?

      "Planetary Cycle" = 1138
      "Calculate Next Future Event" = 1138

      20 Years?

      "Twenty" = 107
      "Cast Spell" = 107
      "Earthquake" = 107 <<< Illuminati Card Game Card

      What is 20 Years after 09-11-01?

      "A September Eleventh Two Thousand Twenty One" = 4444
      "Book of Revelation Chapter Six Verse Twelve" = 4444
      "New World Order Nine One One Anniversary Tribute" = 4444

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  3. Do a google search on "great conjuction" and you'll see immediately the circles inside the equilateral triangle. Triangles represent the "trigons". Two circles are Saturn and Jupiter. See the Ohio State Flag


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