Wednesday, September 4, 2019

38 85 94 118 247 | Hurricane Dorian claims first victim in United States, 85-year-old in North Carolina, September 4, 2019

Today is September 4, or 9/4, the 247th day of the year, and we have our first storm related death reported in the United States from Hurricane Dorian.

Ass for the man being 85-years-old...

Keep in mind the following.  Dorian = 38; Carolinas = 38; Death = 38

And as for him falling off a ladder, it has deadly gematria.

Kill = 26 / 44
Death = 118
Carolina = 37

September 4 leaves 118-days left in the year.


  1. "Wings of Redemption" the YouTuber/Twitch streamer should be killed by "Hurricane Dorian." Both sum to 247. It's also 9/4. "Obesity" is 94 and Wings makes money off his morbid obesity. Wings also bought a "Mustang" which has a 94/45 overlap with "obesity." Wings lives in the Carolinas. Crazily enough it's also the 247th day of the year. And we got the date numerology for "flood" 52. There is also 26 date numerology and his name is Jordie "Jordan." "Jordan" 26. 118 days left in the year. "Death" 118.


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