Monday, October 7, 2019

2 22 83 222 213 | 49ers lead 21-3 over Browns at halftime, MNF, October 7, 2019

21-3 at halftime for 'Monday Night Football'.

68 net yards for Cleveland passing.  San Francisco = 68

46 yards for Jimmy G.  Levi's Stadium = 46

#22, on his 222nd day of his age, has 2 TDs, a prediction from Patreon today.  He scored on the first play for the 49ers with an 83-yard run.  Football = 83; Cleveland Browns = 83


  1. Breda #22 had 3 carries. 322, 22.3 miles an hour he ran..3 for 88 yrds first half, 88= California

  2. Funny the current score is 28-3! 😂😂

  3. Jimmy Garappolo completed 20/29 passes. Next game will be there 1st division game agaisnt the Rams on 10/13 . They are already 1st in the division

  4. Super bowl 53
    13-3 score
    31-3 = Detroit area code 313
    Or 43
    Patriots scored 43-0 in Miami site of Super Bowl
    Houston rockets Morey untroubled with China

    Detroit lions coach was a rocket scientist Matt Patricia
    In Houston
    Bobby Lane #22 curse 1958
    Super bowl on 2/2
    Jerome Bettis the BUS 🚌 #36 won his Super Bowl in Detroit .. geico commercial said 49-0

    #22 Tracey Porter pick 6 SB44 off manning on #87 Wayne colts player from Miami via New Orleans

    87 Gronk retired he had a boat cruise in Miami
    #13 Odell also was on a boat in Miami

    I think Odell May get traded or released just a feeling

  5. Rappers from Detroit, especially Eminem, often mention the 313 code in their songs in reference to this area and its notoriety. ... Eminem's character, B–Rabbit, and his friends call their group "three one third", their nickname for the area code.

  6. If Odell gets released Where does he end up?

    NY Giants =109
    Los Angeles =109
    Odell Beckham =91 😂 OBJ=54

  7. Of course they won't trade him. Thsts silly. Maybe after season.but not this year. He's part of reason they make playoffs

    1. cleveland makes playoffs?? So they have to win division, which is possible. Possibe Clev, Redskins Super bowl LMAO


  8. Harrybutts106October 7, 2019 at 6:24 PM

    the Browns were Super Bowl bound according to Zack 
    And his minions before the season
    No one here said that out - right definitely. I said they will lose conference championship. You know full well, them losing this game doesn't mean their season is done. They will make playoffs. narrative: this was a fourth road game , I think? They'll beat Seattle at home next week


  9. ryanOctober 8, 2019 at 2:39 PM

    cleveland makes playoffs?? So they have to win division, which is possible. Possibe Clev, Redskins Super bowl LMAO
    God you're dumb, I said those teams make playoffs. My SB before season started is SF vs NE.

    1. 'God your Dumb" "Redskins are making playoffs:" Im not sure whos dumber me or you?? Redskins arn't winning a game, stop with the playoffs. You really are the worse sports handicapper ever, and not cuz of last weeks wrong call, cuz ive noticed u are always wrong, always, going back 2-3 years on other forums , always wrong, tho u have good narratives and logic, always wrong, picking against u weekly could be very profitable

    2. Enough with the childish behavior. . There's no- I've always been wrong",, not at all.Psfs,we're one game. I picked Jags to beat titans when no else did here. I called Brees getting injured before it happened. I said Rams would lose last year's SB. I said Rams would suck this year. I do in fact know that uniform changes are hints towards the season.ive become quite knowledgeable over the last 3 years here. And the pats game is over and I learned from it lol. Now, you're an adult insulting another over sports on tv? We may as well be two guys who thinks sports is real. These back and forth are dumb/childish. I at least put my thoughts on the line. So, you pay attention to when I'm wrong and cherry pick with insults :).
      I don't bat 1000, no one does. You'll forget me when niners are in bowl. I said saints would not make SB before season.chieefs,Dallas, Seahawks too.. I'd say I'll be wayyy ahead of the curve when season ends. No need to be an enemy on the internet about this trivial shit. Are we on the same "awareness that's it's bull crap team" or not? HAVE A Nice Day ,dude. And put up your predictions and see how they fall compared to mine

    3. Lol I just proved to you how false that is. Your claims are false.

  10. Gruden..he leaves with 49 losses= hint about niners.
    Dwayne Haskins = Redskins = 54.. they will make playoffs.
    and i would say it leads to a Redskins v niners conference championship

  11. Didn't the Lions and Browns play in the Superbowl in 1954? Both teams have enough talent i think the league is putting the browns down early but the divisions sucks this year so a playoff berth should be cake. Lions are pretty much being ignored even though they have beaten two playoff teams and the Chiefs barely scraped by. Cleveland has had final scores with their own area code (216) when they played Detroit. 213 when they played L.A (213 area code). And Detroits area code when they played SF (313)... very peculiar


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