Thursday, October 31, 2019

147 | Halloween update in the disapperance of Walt Harris' daughter, October 31, 2019

Read the decode on this here:

Nice 7:04 post time.  74.


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    1. Haha. This blog has become a total shitshow of fucking morons with the stupidest riddle and numerical decodes imaginable, and flat out (deserved) trolling.
      Tony Telling It Like It Is is looking more legitimate than Zach right now.

    2. @T Baga in the last about month or so I've noticed an enormous increase in people ripping Hubbard to shreds on his own blog. In fact it was right around the time his Rationalwiki article went up. And I'm sure Hubbard's pathetic excuse of a "response" to the article didn't help either.

  2. zach, i searched auburn alabama masonic logdge.
    and the head master mason of Walt harris city.. is ANTOTHER Harris!!!
    Worshipful Master - G. Scott Harris Jr.
    Senior Warden - Jeremy Frisco
    Junior Warden - Joseph Sheppard


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