Thursday, October 10, 2019

82 | Rudy Guiliani associates arrested, October 10, 2019

Today, October 10, leaves 82-days in the year.

This is why Giuliani (82) is in the news.

Giuliani should be arrested for lying his ass off after 9/11, and for coming to be the hero of the sheep populace of the United States, in the aftermath of the event.


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  2. Brooklyn 114
    Lakers 111

    Suck it minions 😂

  3. Turn OFF the LIGHTS, light a candle 🕯
    Rondo 9 injured #11 😂.

    “ Let the games begin” =82

  4. Its highly possible the Patriots lose tonight...New York=111,39....Gillette Stadium is nicknamed "The Razor"=111....Today has a numerology of 39 and tonight is Bill Bellichiks 390th game....Bellichik is 11-0 vs Rookie QBs...if he loses tonight hes 11-1...and is Facing Daniel Jones who wears#8...also if Bellichick loses he will get his 80th loss as the coach of the Patriots...Also Brady has 60 losses on his QB record if he loses he will drop to is the 283 day of the year which is the 61st prime...Giants could upset the Patriots on the road in spite of all their injuries and 16 pt spread which is a reflection of 61

    1. @Annonymous
      You sound like ram 😂
      61 connects to Minnesota which just beat the Giants 28-10=38
      Minnesota =38
      #8 Cousins replaced by #11 in DC Smith
      Giants head coach former Minnesota coach

      Patriots going to 6-0 Giants going to 2-4

      Brady #12 Jones #8 =38

      Thanks for playing 😂👍

    2. Oh im still a novice at this so if Patriots win I wont be surprised i just found it Ironic they kicked off their 10 game win streak in week 16 of last year vs the Bills a NY team who was Quarterbacked by Josh Allen a rookie QB from a NY team who wore #17...1+7=8...and got their 10th win in a row on 10/6...10+6=16...and if my hunch is correct because today is 10/10...and Its Pat Shurmurs 55th game ...55=10th Fibonacci and 10th triangular...They should end their win streak vs a NY Rookie QB who like Josh Allen has a Jersey # sum to 8...and notice the spread is 10,16,and 61 are too prevalent to be ignored in this matchup..but like I said just a hunch

    3. Super bowl 26
      Washington and Bills 37-24=61
      Minnesota miracles =61
      Trump attended super bowl 26 in Minnesota

      Patriots lost Super Bowl 52 in Minnesota 😂

      There’s a more sinister thing going on Anonymous
      I learned a long time ago upsets
      Happen in big games for pats
      They do lose to Bills and Dolphins occasionally.
      I was a die hard patriots fan in 2015
      Zack had the COLTS vs Vikings Super Bowl
      That’s how I ended up here.
      I said the Broncos will win Super Bowl
      It’s Manning’s last season no way after being embarrassed by Russell will he lose to another black

      Zion had 29 last night that’s sums to 11
      92 was super bowl 26 #11 mvp redskins
      Zion is in Louisiana (Bree’s and bridgewater)

      Zion duke and Jones Duke
      Unless Brady goes down tonight which no 42
      Year old QB has played 16 games
      Then I say you got a point

      I can’t go against Patriots at HOME no way
      Unless we see a JOE Theisman moment.
      Or Leonard Marshall killing Montana

      Great work Anonymous!!!

  5. Elizabeth Christ trump
    The associate is 47 years old
    Dave Roberts dodgers manager 47 years old
    Brooklyn dodgers
    Kyrie #11 injured
    That means both #1 seeds in mlb will go down
    Nba 74th season same reason KD is critical of Knicks

    I got Pats winning tonight 31-7
    NFL 100th season
    100 and 74 = 111 NY=111 boom 💥

    Minnesota =38 mayor of Minnesota age 38
    Trump in Minnesota tonight

    Enough is enough rally 😈

  6. "Giuliani Associates Arrested" = 333
    "Hidden Gematria in Headline" = 333
    "Make America Great Again Agenda" = 333

    Today is 283rd Day of the Year

    "Giuliani Associates Arrested" = 283 <<< 61st Prime
    "Winner Winner Chicken Dinner" = 283
    "American Black Out" = 59, 283

    10 + 10 + 20 + 19 = 59 <<< 17th Prime

    "Q" = 17
    "FBI" = 17

    "American Black Out" = 59, 555
    "Q Operations" = 555
    "Today" = 555

    "Major Drop in Value of Stock" = 283, 283, 2239 <<< 333rd Prime

  7. "Forty Two" = 142
    "Full Of Shit" = 142
    Jake Lebowski" = 42

    Jake Lebowski is full of shit by the numbers

  8. From the spy who shagged Michael Myers movie June61997 movie time 95 minutes we hold the world ransom for... ONE MILLION DOLLARS! The 1 million dollars bail of Giuliani's associates! He should be arrested for such a terrible performance ofa fake lawyer!!


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