Sunday, November 3, 2019

19 44 58 113 | Massive fire wipes out astronomy center in Turkish capital, November 3, 2019

7/29/1958 = 7+29+19+58 = 113

And regarding all the fear porn put out for Seattle, there's a parallel with the city Ankara.

And notice, the building is similar to Seattle.

Don't forget, November 3 leaves 58-days left in the year.


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    1. My super bowl pick is one step closer

      Packers and Patriots lost 13 weeks 1 day
      From Super Bowl 54

      Zack will steal this 😂

    2. Rodgers age 35
      Brady age 42
      Sum 77
      Brady born in 77 will get his 7th ring vs Title town
      Packers will fall to 4-2 in Super Bowls
      The packers scored 35pts in SB 1
      #35 cut by Browns
      Tom Brady =35
      The Lombardi will be renamed to “ Belichick” =44
      Popeyes chicken sandwich 11/3 returns (Louisiana)
      Notice KFC has the “ Nashville =51”

      96 Super Bowl Packers over Patriots
      Packers 35 Pats 21
      MVP Michigan man #81 Desmond Howard
      Howard 5,392 yards rushing in high school
      Patriots 118

      Cheers minions 😂

    3. SO you picked a team that has finished first in the East for the last 10 years and has been in the super bowl for the last 4 years? Wow you are so special what and insightful guess you made....... NOT

    4. Maryland is also the 7th state.

    5. Imagine being that much of a moronic dipshit to think NUMBERS and the sum of NUMBERS have anything to do with the outcome of a game LMFAOO stupid dumb fuckkks🤣🤣 Harry butts has to be one of THE biggest dipshits here along with everyone else who believes in gematria 😭

  2. Weaker and weaker blog posts by the day

  3. But yet here you are lol.

    1. Get a name bird brain we can’t differentiate you from the others 😂

  4. Nice. Just like in your book.

    Dishonest =113
    Not true = 113

  5. I guess that is an S- Exception Reduction to 113:

    This is about is about Turkey on Thanksgiving Day. Most people will waist their time and watch Ravens @ Rams....

    Ravens Win...

    "Ali Kuscu Astronomy Center" = 95
    "Coming in Three Weeks" = 95
    "Baltimore" = 95

    "Pick Ravens [Thanksgiving]" = 2019 <<< Which Season?

    "Ali Kuscu Astronomy Center" = 302
    "LA Rams Thanksgiving Game Day Defeat" = 302
    "Embedded Agenda Message in Headline Quote" = 911, 302

    That took all but 2 min. But I guess when your making money and writing books, you don't got time to look at any other Cyphers. Got to get that next video made.

    1. Zach's actually set the truth movement back with his greed. Maybe in the beginning, his channel & blog helped awaken people, including myself, but he's turned this shit into a bu$ine$$, which he's not even very good at. I bet most of his followers are sports fans that are still plugged into the matrix. He preys on the gullible people trying to make a quick buck. Hope the $ is worth it Zach. God sees through what you're doing.

    2. Sports followers are idiots. We are being enslaved with mass surveillance, a police state, false flags and fake narratives, staged disasters, fake democracy where our votes do nothing, massive propaganda and yet, like George Orwell wrote in 1984, people don't give a shit because they got their gambling and circuses. Gambling in pursuit of fake Jew money that is depreciating in value day by day.

    3. SpOrTs FoLlOwRs ArE IdiOts

      say's the person who is nothing more than a keyboard warrior

      All this shit you are SO concerned about you will do nothing about it.

      You going to stop those "staged" disasters?

      You going to stop the "fake" democracy?

      You going to stop the "False Flags?

      You're not. Instead what you are going to do is complain in a blog about how the world is soooo fucked up while doing absolutely nothing and talk shit about people who enjoy being entertained by sports.

      You are probably over weight for your height, eat dirty processed food, and drink mass amounts of soda.

      And you have the nerve to judge others...

  6. @ Legion
    Zack is an atheist Jew agent
    Why do y’all care. We exposed him back in 2015
    With his Colts super bowl pick and the “ car accident “
    You and I both know Zack has 10 screen names here.

    1. I know all about it. I've been here since 2015. I wouldn't say I necessarily care. Just trying to wake up some of the new "truthseekers" to Zach's lies.

  7. If you use enough ciphers you can make any number connect to anything you want

  8. Funny, all this talk of a false flag in Seattle on 11/3, showing the space needle. This structure that burned is kind of reminiscent of the space needle in shape. And Ankara does have a 19/44 overlap with Seattle. The president is in the 270th week in office. His name is 2070 in the English Extended cipher. It is a span of 9weeks and 5 days after the anniversary of him taking office. "Ali Kuscu Astronomy Center" is 95. It's also 302. And it's a span of 302 days until Turkey's Victory Day or their so called Independence Day. Reuters called it a "cosmic disaster" which sums to 95 as well and 58, like 58 days left in the year. Seems like there is something there.

  9. Harrybutts106November 4, 2019 at 7:13 AM

    My super bowl pick is one step closer 

    Packers and Patriots lost 13 weeks 1 day 
    From Super Bowl 54 

    Zack will steal this
    The question then is, why make sure Niners avoid playing on thst day while still undefeated.All three played away games.only SF won. The sunday had 54 numerology. Saints had a buy. SB host city won as well. I'm just mentioning ingredients. I don't know what it translates. But I think them losing and SF winning on thursday, avoiding sunday, has meaning


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