Friday, April 24, 2015

44 50 | Super Bowl 50 Picks (User Contribution)

What do I think?  I think this is some mighty fine work and someone must have had a good teacher!  I've said it once already and I'll say it again, I will insure your bet if you put it on the Colts this year.  It is Colts in 2015-16, no way around it!


  1. That was impressive. I believe you guys are correct. F2FT is on fire these days! Keep Burning Truthseeker.

  2. Thanks for your comments Zach!
    As a matter of fact, the first time i heard about numerology and gematria was on this very blog.
    So you are my teacher bro!
    And yes, i fully expect the Colts in Super bowl 50, probably v.s Packers.

  3. Packers are a good bet, I also have my eyes on Eagles in NFC. They play the Patriots on the 33 date this season, 12/6/15. That Frank Gore to the Eagles tease before he went to the Colts has me thinking this way.

  4. Also notice that they released the schedule on the 111th day of the year in the season of the 111th World Series. We might get some clues from baseball. Also Blue Devils = 111. In other words, lots of 111 going on.

  5. And we saw a lot of "44" in the Final Four (which took place in Indianapolis)
    Aaron Rodgers and Wisconsin connection.
    Duke Blue Devils won (Colts blue)


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