Thursday, April 23, 2015

Adam Sandler Reportedly Walked Out On by Native American Actresses

The = 2+8+5 = 15
Ridiculous = 9+9+4+9+3+3+3+6+3+1 = 50/59
Six = 1+9+6 = 16/25
The Ridiculous Six = 81/99

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  1. With Sandler's handlers' genius brains, I wonder what that injun name could be referring to...who knows...?

    Beaver's Breath=54.
    Beavers=54("V" as 22 & "S" as 10).
    White Rabbit=54.

    Think of the gateway into a dimension, which white rabbits are a symbol of, seen in Alice in Wonderland programming, & magicians' hat tricks, & think of Easter fertility symbolism & how the vagina is the gateway into this world for most of us, which is why I'd say the Playboy logo is a white rabbit, on which the ears are V for Vagina, & represent a pair of spreading legs.


    A squatting squaw?
    Those actors have no appreciation for culture.


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