Monday, November 30, 2015

33 47 51 123 147 | The End of Ravens @ Browns, MNF, November, November 30, 2015

Notice the 42-yard TD reception.  Ohio St. scored 42 points against Jim Harbaugh this weekend, here the Ohio Browns put a 42-yard TD on John Harbaugh, late in the game, with a 1:47 left on the clock. Let us not forget the Harbaugh brothers met in Super Bowl 47, and John prevailed, in the rigged spectacle that was.

Ohio = 15+8+9+15 = 47
John = 10+15+8+14 = 47
John defeated Jim (Harbaugh brothers) in Super Bowl 47

***Super Bowl 47, was the one with the 33-minute blackout

Notice this game tying touchdown came with 1:47 left on the clock.

As for '42', it is an important number as well.  Ohio State won the national championship with that amount of points earlier this year as well.

Freemason = 42 (Pythagorean Gematria)

After scoring, to tie the game, the Browns were able to quickly stop the Ravens offense, and got the ball back with 1:23 left in the game (John Harbaugh's 123rd Game as Raven's Coach).  They then drove to the Ravens 33-yard line, emphasis on 33, before attempting a game winning field goal.  Notice how 1:23 is a lot like 123.  In the two games between the two teams this year, the scores were 33-30 and 33-27.  That is a total of 123 points.

Conspiracy = 3+15+14+19+16+9+18+1+3+25 = 123
Conspiracy = 3+6+5+1+7+9+9+1+3+7 = 51 (The final field goals was a 51-yard attempt)

Before the Game, ESPN also let us know about another '123' going on.

Joe Flacco = 34; Matt Schaub, 34-years old; 34th game between Browns and Ravens

What is strange about how they ended up on the 33-yard line, is that it seemed the Browns QB purposefully went down early, when he could have gotten another yard or two easily based on where the defensive players were on the field.  In other words, it seems he definitely wanted to go down at the 33.

Remember, this game is on MNF.

MNF = 13+14+6 = 33
Cleveland = 3+3+5+4+5+3+1+5+4 = 33

The last time the teams played, it was their 33rd matchup, and the Browns won 33-30.

ESPN gives us the yardage situation, just before the already infamous in Cleveland, field goal attempt.

Next, the field goal attempt from the 33-yard line is blocked, ending up in the hands of #33, who then ran it all the way back for the touchdown.  It seemed that the Ravens defensive players purposefully let him return it all the way, adding insult to injury.

After the game, #33 said, "I prayed to God the kick would get blocked and end up in my hands.  It was a miracle."

I wonder what John Harbaugh really thinks.  Nice smirk.

Just before the missed field goal, EPSN  put up this stat.  Notice the disproportionate amount of 33.

One last point, prior to the game I talked about the significance of 34, with this being the 34th game between the Browns and Ravens.  I also mentioned how Joe Flacco has a Gematria of 34 and his backup, Matt Schaub, is 34-years old.


  1. Just to rub it in, in addition to Mr. 33 for Baltimore Will Hill III equaling 1033 in Jewish Gematria, the camera was sure to pan to Cleveland's own #33 just after the TD, Jordan Poyer, with mouth agape. Jordan Poyer himself equals 1037 in Jewish Gematria, and of course 137 is the 33rd prime number. Poyer had one tackle in the game, putting him at 33 for the year, and he is in his 3rd season and has played 33 games for the Browns. He also played 3 games for the Eagles, totaling 3 tackles. One last point before bed, Cleveland's first 3 points of the game were scored 3:33 into the second quarter.

    1. #51 is Barkevious Mingo, LB from LSU. Simple value for Barkevious = 123

    2. Nice catch, and what a name! Even the names are sounding more and more like the WWE every year. Barkevious, with the Dawg Pound at Browns games? Unbelievable. And Coons too. I even made a note yesterday, before I saw those names, of Browns players named Crowell, Hawkins and Barnidge.

  2. Holy shit. Just woke up and saw this. LOL!!!
    I read this post before looking at and was guessing along.

    1. I thought people would see this ending and finally be..."Yeah, its rigged".
      But no, they're still blind to this shit!!!
      There is absolutely no hope for humanity.

    2. I really think people in their hearts know its rigged, but we've spent our lives living and dying by these games that it's so hard to break that conditioning.

      I was watching the Falcons game with my friend and he laughed at Ryan's interceptions. He knows something wasn't right, but when you say "dude, it's totally rigged," people become defensive.

      I'd suspected riggery for a long time and the 2012 NFC championship game with Falcons/49ers did it for me. The Falcons were dominating, throwing bombs to Julio. They looked unstoppable. In the second half, they were shut out. Ryan had a key "bobbled snap" turnover. Roddy White is held on the final play and that was that.The dumbass "Harbowl" was on.

      But it's deeper than that. Fans will berate the refs for rigging, but it's a different story when you tell them the players are in on it too.

    3. And as an Eagles fan. YOU KNOW something's up. Haha.

    4. Yup. I'm a newbie at this. I was real stupid cos I knew after the Cowboys/Giants game this year. It was funny to hear the commentators last night trying to validate this shit.
      So, is the whole sports world in on this?
      Talk radio, local sports pesenters etc?
      I'd have to say YES!
      If people dont wake up after this, they are just stupid!!

    5. That's a damn good question. Definitely the national commentators are in on it, But is my local asshole who is trying to start a mutiny against Matt Ryan part of it too? Nothing would surprise me.

      BTW, if the Falcons do actually get to the SB this year, it's very reminiscent of Flacco and his SB run. He had some terrible games and was questioned all season. Then magically the lights come on in the post-season. Flacco and Ryan are connected. Same draft.

    6. BTW, Flacco magically out for the season so former Falcon Matt Schaub can step in. LOL

    7. Seriously looking like you were right all along.
      Some excellent work young man!!

    8. We'll have to wait it out. haha. It's a very strange season. And it's been a while since we've had the out of nowhere 9-7, 10-6 champion. The last being the 10-6 Ravens.

      Cardinals still possible. The seeding will be important.

    9. I hear ya. Im more worried about Packers tbh.

  3. I successfully predicted the Ravens score knowing it's rigged, my family still doesn't believe it

  4. I also noticed dansby intercepted his 19 interception to get 19 points before the ep

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