Wednesday, April 25, 2018

45 50 360 | Life, April 25, 2018 and the visit by the New Image rep +Generosity reproduces

So, after sharing about the generous tipper this morning who made a donation of $50, a young man came to my door from Birmingham, Alabama and told me the story of growing up in a group home, being a homeless teenager, selling drugs, going to jail, and now being 26 and working for a second chance by seeking donations for course materials to educate inner city youth so that he can save up enough money to get his life on a better track, and pursue and education or a business.  He was working on behalf of New Image, which directs the program he is a part of.

After delivering his message with solid eye contact and sincere expression, he asked if  I could donate $360.00.  I said, "Wow, that's a lot!".  After talking to him some more, I decided I wanted to help him out, so I gave him the generous sum.  A big part of the reason why is because he was 14-years-old in 2006, when I began working in a group home, with children his age.  The fact that the sum he needed was $360 also seems symbolic, in light of the tip earlier, by the man with '45' Ordinal Gematria, the same as 'tip', and reminding how 'Geometry' sums to 45 in Reduction.  I also donated the money because many of you have been generous on Patreon and by Purchasing Letters & Numbers at esty.

Thus, one generous act might lead to another.  So thank you to all those who support, with helpful posts, and otherwise.

Oh yes, and I was also able to teach the young man about Gematria, and what made his age 26 special.  After learning about that, he revealed his birthday was October 26, plus many other fascinating pieces of information.

And one last point about receiving $50, then being asked for $360, is this.

Circle = 3+9+18+3+12+5 = 50 (Ordinal)
360-degrees in a circle

Gematria Effect (Radio Show)

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