Saturday, March 28, 2015

44 84 | Arizona vs Wisconsin, Getting Presidential?

Above is a picture of President Obama's bracket for this year's tournament (2015).  Notice that for his picks he got Notre Dame vs Kentucky correct, as well as Arizona vs Wisconsin.  Both of these match ups are curious, especially Wisconsin vs Arizona.

Recall, Arizona sums to 84 in Simple English Gematria, and Wisconsin sums to 44 with Pythagorean Gematria.
  • Arizona = 1+18+9+26+15+14+1 = 84
  • Wisconsin = 5+9+1+3+6+5+1+9+5 = 44
Barack Hussein Obama is the 44th President, his birthday is August 4, and in Jewish Gematria, the name Obama sums to '84'.

With regards to 84, Mike Brey, coach of Notre Dame, having a 3/22 birthday and an '84' life number, had his mom recently died at the age of 84, on March 21, or 3/21, or 321...

Making matters even more interesting, the Final Four falls on April 4 this year; that is the anniversary date of the MLK assassination, the WTC Complex opening in NYC, and the death of the first President to die in office, the 9th President, William Henry Harrison (first Whig).

If I had to guess who was going to win between Arizona and Wisconsin, I would guess Wisconsin for the fact that the next round will fall on 4/4, and Wisconsin has many '44' connections, including their star player, who wears 44.  Also, Wisconsin's last win came on 3/26/15, a date with a numerology of '44'.
  • 3/26/15 = 3+26+15 = 44