Friday, August 28, 2015

122 145 | Vester Flanagan and Jorge Bergoglio & Moneta and Pope Francis

The Pope's birth name, Jorge Bergoglio has a connection to the name 'Vester Flanagan', a seemingly ridiculous name.

Notice 'Route 122'.  This also has a connection to Pope Francis.

Think about how Pope Francis wears white and Catholic archbishops wear red and black, kind of like the reporter, Alison Parker and her interviewee.  Also, Alison was dressed in the same outfit as Emilie Parker, from the "Sandy Hook School Massacre", and there are several parallels to Sandy Hook here.

How many "coincidences" can one hoax-a-licous event have?  Recall, this came 28-days before September 23, the day the Pope meets with the President, and 33-days before September 28, the final Blood Moon.

The Jesuit Order is 474 years old, it turns 475 on September 28, 2015