Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Still frozen on 1211.... what could 1211 be??? (Rockefeller deaths, David and John D.)

In the video I uploaded at the top of the screen (11:54 AM), I state how the video at the bottom of the screen has been frozen at 1211 views since I woke up more than 5 hours earlier.  Here we are more than an hour later, and it still hasn't budged.  Is there a clue in 1211?  Sometimes I feel like YouTube is trying to tip us off to something.

Watch the video where I talk about the 1211 freezing here.

And remember, YouTube views always use bogus counts:

The screen captures are hours apart.

In 2 minutes the video had 118 views (Tom Brady = 118) (Patriots = 118)

In 12 hours, it had 310 views, where it remained... for the rest of the day.


Still 1211, but the likes are funny, at 333.