Sunday, April 2, 2017

33 42 67 93 147 | Bill O'Reilly accuser calls for investigation of Fox News and sexual discrimination, April 2, 2017

Today is April 2, or 4/2.

Female = 6+5+13+1+12+5 =  42
Bitch = 2+9+20+3+8 = 42
Lady = 12+1+4+25 = 42

Today is 204-days after Bill O'Reilly's birthday.

If there was ever a real news story, it is this one.  I fucking hate this old lying creep who tries so hard to pretend like he is a good person.

Perhaps 67 will be his last year on GOP News.

'O'Reilly', perfect for propaganda.

If you've ever seen this smug cocksucker, he loves to say "no spin".

Believe = 2+5+3+9+5+4+5 = 33

His show is known as the "No Spin Zone".  That's a Freemason shoutout.

Remember who controls the tell-e-vision.

Here's an old video of mine, I love this clip of Bill O'Reilly getting clowned on his own radio show.