Wednesday, April 19, 2017

46 52 56 | Patriots visit to the White House headlines, April 19, 2017 +Gronk interrupts Sean Spicer press briefing

Sean Spicer, interested by one of the Patriots?  Of course it is "Gronkowski", the medias favorite sports personality.

The article says Spicer is a big fan of the Patriots, I'll bet.

Notice also how Gronkowski connects to White House.

And D.C.

The headline connects to '46' as well.

179, the 41st prime...  Super Bowl = 41
199, the 46th prime... Tom Brady = 46; Patriots = 46; Tom Brady 199th pick...
404 verses in Revelation...  Revelation = 49; Super Bowl = 49

Notice how they mention Gronkowski is 27-years-old, just like Aaron Hernandez who passed this morning, and was the former TE for the Patriots.  Today's even comes 339-days from Gronkowski's 27th birthday, May 14, 2016.

Nice tweet time below.