Tuesday, May 23, 2017

11 29 31 35 41 42 47 67 89 98 111 119 216 | Why Cleveland Cavaliers will close out Boston in Game '5', May 25, 2017 +LeBron to break Jordan's point record for playoffs

28 points.  Remember, 28 is a perfect number, which are very rare.
1+2+4+7+14 = 28 (Divisors of 28 not counting 28 itself sum to 28, what defines a perfect #)

Man = 13+1+14 = 28

So... the question remains, could he beat the record, perhaps scoring 29?  Ohio = 29

That was the number the season began with, the Cavs winning over the Knicks 117-88, and the Warriors losing to the Spurs by 29, as covered in its significance since October 25, 2016.  Again, both Steph Curry and LeBron James were born in the same hospital in Akron, Ohio.

Notice the over / under is 1 point shy of 216, the Cleveland area code.  211 would also be fitting.

*I was likely wrong about the Cavs series against Boston ending in Boston in Game 7, that I'm now convinced.  Things line up too well for a Game 5 closeout in light of the very clear narrative, especially paid tribute to in a big way at the end of Game 4.  Again, 7 is the 4th prime...

Check the date numerology of May 25, 2017.

5/25/17 = 5+25+17 = 47

This is the Cavs 47th season.  Warriors won the championship in '47 (the first).

5/25/2017 = 5+25+20+17 = 67

LeBron and Co. would close out the series 4-1, like '41'.


'King', a righteous nickname for the sport of basketball.

Remember LeBron's missed dunk with a combined 137-points, 69-68?

Cleveland Cavaliers = 69

As for Game 5, it connects to LeBron James, and Kyrie who just scored 42.

LeBron James could win 4 of his last 7 NBA Finals, all in consecutive years, or becomes 3-5 if he were to lose.

Recall, last year, King James, won on June 19, the real King James's birthday, and the Warriors lost with '89' points.

Cleveland is currently up 3-1, with an 11-1 playoff record (like how they lost their last game to the Celtics who won with 111).  31, like 3-1, is the 11th prime

And what do you think about the Gematria of missed dunk?

There're comparing LeBron's missed dunk to Jordan's in the '92 playoffs, 25-years-ago:

Remember, 97 is the 25th prime.  Those are big numbers this sports season, most notably in the recent Super Bowl, won by the Patriots, with the 25-point comeback, to close out the 97th season of the NFL. 

Tonight's game is 97-days after Jordan's birthday, or a span of 98.

Tom Brady = 98; Patriots = 98

UPDATE:  A win tonight will be Cleveland 13th straight closeout game win in the playoffs.

King = 41; 41, 13th prime