Saturday, July 22, 2017

27 74 147 223 | Teens who filmed and laughed while Jamal Dunn died (Reader Contribution)

Teen = 44; Kill = 44
Drown = 74

I hate fake news like this, because it is the ultimate kikel.

1)  At this day in age, most people by and large just do whatever the TV tells them, 95% of the population, from childhood until death.  From start to finish, they live for entertainment, and screens.

2)  The brand of humor for the youth has become laughing at death, mocking all that is decent, behaving irrationally (essentially acting like a cartoon character).  That is what is on TV and in the movies and in the video games.  Everything that is entertainment is violence, sex drama and death.

3)  The media, that creates the entertainment, which programs the masses, then sits back and creates fakes news to "expose the youth of today".  No fakes news is needed.  They should just report what really happens.  The other day in my neck of the woods there was a massive traffic jam on the freeway that kept everyone from getting to work because the road had been closed to investigate the death of a teenager who was trying to surf on top of the car.  This shit is happening everyday, but real things don't make the news.  Only the fake news makes the news, and it makes it for a reason, to instigate the desired behaviors from the controllers, not to make people think about the consequences of the programming.

4)  The 95% never catch on.

Point 4 is the worst part.  Goy will be goy.