Tuesday, January 9, 2018

13 45 99 | LA Lakers win by 13, 99-86, over Kings, for 13th win of the season, January 9, 2018 +Aaron Donald


Notice LA won by 13, picked up their 13th win, and left the Kings at 13-wins.

Think about the 13th pick for the LA Rams, #99, Aaron Donald.

Aaron Donald is born May 23.  523 is the 99th prime number


The Kings are connected to LeBron.
Alabama is also connected to LeBron.
Now think about the 13 ritual with Alabama in the college championship...

Thirteen = 45 / 45; LeBron can become 4-5 in NBA Finals this year

Don't forget the big 13 ritual with Kobe retirement either, earlier this season...