Tuesday, January 2, 2018

25 33 36 37 53 78 113 213 | Isaiah Thomas makes debut for Cleveland, January 2, 2018, the 78th day of the season

Making his return against Blazers, and already planning to sit out against Celtics?  Ask yourself, how does that even make sense?

*HIP = 33; Oregon, the 33rd State: Cleveland = 33; Massachusetts = 33

The Blazers and Cavs have played 36-games each, and this will be their 37th.

Portland = 37

This game comes 36-days before Thomas's birthday, or a span of 37-days.

Consider Portland is the closest NBA city to where his sister died, and where he grew up.

Recall his sister's death April 15, 2017:

Recall him scoring 53 on what would have been his sister's birthday, May 2, 2017:

If the Cavs win tonight, it will be their 53rd win all-time.

Point Guard = 53

Recall his injury against the Cavs May 19, 2017:

Thomas's return comes 228-days after his May 19 injury, or a span of 229-days.

Most importantly, this move comes on the 78th day of the NBA Season, which began Oct. 17.

Here is his name Gematria.

Celtics lost with 86 the game he was hurt.

This also comes a span of 21-weeks and 3-days before the NBA Finals.

Check out this Steelers connection with OC Todd Hailey...

Cavs can also pick up 25th win with the man known as "IT".

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