Sunday, January 14, 2018

65 | Matt Ryan's "eagle" in golf, and his round of 65, January 13, 2018 +Day of Matt Ryan losing to Eagles in NFL Playoffs

This just goes to show, golf is rigged the same was as the rest of sports, as I've been saying for years...

The guy shot a 65 on the day Matt Ryan went down to the Philadelphia Eagles?

Philadelphia = 65

Plus, this guy got an Eagle... one of the rarest feats in golf...

Ben also caught this about the Hawaii golf tournament on the day of the missile scare.  Remember, the USS Boston invaded Hawaii on January 13, 1893.

1/13/1893 = 1+13+18+93 = 125

Remember, Ben is the man, at golf, and Gematria.

Have you read about Ben's two hole in ones in one round?  It made ESPN.

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