Saturday, January 13, 2018

Preview | The Patriots could face Jaguars or Steelers in AFC Championship

Patriots are 7-0 against Jaguars in regular season, and 3-1 in playoffs.

If they played again, it would be the 12th game all-time.  Tom = 12

Tom could beat them in the playoffs becoming 4-1.  Super Bowl = 41

*Also, if the Jaguars did upset the Steelers, they would be 7-6 in the playoffs all-time.  A loss the following week to the Patriots would make them 7-7, to the 40-year-old Tom Brady, born in '77.

*Jaguars = 77
*United States = 40 / 77

*Also noteworthy, the Jaguars hosted Super Bowl 39, where the Patriots beat the Eagles.

*Big Ben = 39; Jaguars vs Big Ben (Jags beat Steelers 30-9 on October 8, 2017)

Patriots are 12-14 against Steelers in the regular season, and 4-1 in the playoffs.

If they played again, it would be the 32nd game all-time.  The Patriots lead 16-15 all-time.

The Patriots could get their 17th win, to close out the 2017-18 season, before the Super Bowl.

Tonight listening to the announcers, I heard them say Jacksonville would be a tough match up for the Patriots...

It is hard to imagine Jacksonville upsetting the Steelers, but the potential match up with the Patriots makes a lot of sense in numbers.  If that did happen, the Patriots would beat two AFC South teams en route to the Super Bowl.  (Titans and Jaguars)

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