Sunday, February 11, 2018

40 42 | Why Paul Pierce is having his jersey retired on the 42nd day of 2018, February 11

The Celtics are retiring the jersey of 40-year-old Paul Pierce while they're on 40-wins for the season.

Basketball = 40

They're retiring his jersey on the 42nd day of the year, February 11, 2018.

Don't forget how he got his nickname, 'The Truth', by scoring 42-points.

I'm sure it is no coincidence this retirement also comes on the day the Celtics host the NBA's biggest star, LeBron James, in 'February', Black History Month.

And notice his name gematria.  Basketball = 85

Prophecy = 106; Revelation = 121

This news comes 121-days after his birthday, or a span of 122.

Todays is also a span of 110-days until the start of the NBA Finals.

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