Friday, February 9, 2018

42 86 154 197 218 | The death of Bradley R. Smith, Holocaust researcher, on his 86th birthday, February 18, 2016

This man died on his 86th birthday, and likely not by coincidence.  His birthday was 2/18.

On his 86th birthday, on the date February 18, or 2/18, Bradley R. Smith would die from unreported causes. He was remembered for the book, Confessions of a Holocaust Revisionist, questioning the reported facts of Jewish extermination during World War II. For his efforts, he was heavily scrutinized in mainstream press. As for his date of passing, as you know ‘blood sacrifice’ equates to 86, and ‘death’ has English Extended Gematria of 218. Even more curious than that, is the fact ‘birthday’ and ‘Holocaust’ equate to 42, and the Holocaust is said to have begun in 1942.

Holocaust = 42 (Reduction, S10); Birthday = 42 (Reduction)

Watch Bradley Smith on Donahue about the Holocaust here:

Notice the overlap with 197, the 45th prime, and 154.  Ritual Sacrifice = 154; Ritual = 45
433, the 84th prime