Thursday, March 1, 2018

18 | "Chai", meaning "life", and the Jewish gift giving practice in multiples of 18

A young Jewish person reached out to me recently, and they told me that something I said in one of my videos frightened them.  They thought I wanted to kill all Jews.  I let that young person know that when I was speaking, I was only talking about the tyrants, not all Jewish people, and I apologized for scaring them.  Then they let me know about a Jewish secret.  It is common practice at a Jewish bar mitzvah, or other festive events, to give money to someone in multiples of 18 for the following reason.  *Notice the Gematria for 'chai' is shown above.

Think about in our culture, finally getting to do some "living" after becoming an adult, at 18, the "legal" age.

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