Thursday, August 9, 2018

11 24 42 63 87 89 | Doug Williams 63rd birthday, August 9, 2018 +24-teams playing on August 9, or 8/9 +Russell Wilson & Doug Williams & 42

I found this post in YouTube's spam box.  They love to screen the best posts.

In case you can't read it, today is Doug William's birthday, the QB who won the Super Bowl with the Redskins in '87, winning with 42-points, the first black QB to win a Super Bowl.  He turns 63.

Racism = 63
Nigger = 42
Manifest Destiny = 87 (The killing of the natives was racist, as was slavery)
This will be the Redskins 87th NFL season

StayWoke also caught that he finished 8-9, and retired in '89.  Here we are in August.

August = 89 (Ordinal)
89 is the 11th Fibonacci Number; Black = 11 (Reduction)

And the fact that 89 is the 24th prime and 24-teams play on 8/9 is great too.

*His point about 28-3 is the Super Bowl 51 comeback against Atlanta
*Don't forget Lady Gaga's March 28 birthday, who performed at SB 51

Doug Williams career stats:

Notice the Redskins won by 32.

Denver = 32 (Reduction); Broncos = 32 (Reduction); NFL = 32 (Ordinal)

This year the Super Bowl is on February 3, or 3/2.

ALSO, about that 42 things... the next black QB to win a Super Bowl was from the 42nd state, and a member of the Seahawks...

Further, Wilson beat the Broncos as well... like Doug Williams.

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