Friday, August 10, 2018

29 49 50 83 177 | Derrius Guice out for the season with torn ACL, 49-days after his birthday, August 9, 2018 injury +Chris Thompson now #1 on depth chart

This injury came August 9, 49-days after his birthday.

He plays for the Washington Redskins.

Super Bowl 53 will be the 49th of the modern era.

You could also say that this happened on his 50th day of his age.

America = 50; Washington = 50; Super Bowl =- 50

Also, there's this note about 'Torn ACL' and 'football'.

Even more fascinating is that Chris Thompson is now #1 on the depth chart for the Redskins at the running back position.  Notice, the Super Bowl will be 177-days after today.

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