Wednesday, August 8, 2018

33 74 75 96 147 218 222 | Lodge 49's debut episode, August 6, 2018, 'As Above, So Below' & 'The Order of the Lynx'

Notice the debut episode of Lodge 49 was on August 6, the day leaving 147-days left in the year.

As for 49...

As for 'Lodge'...

The name of the fictional secret fraternity in the show is, 'The Order of the Lynx'.

The first episode is titled 'As Above, So Below', a Masonic motto.

Better yet...

There's also this.

2x3x7 = 42

And this...

Another Masonic motto...

Thus the name for the show is carefully thought out.

And by the way, the protagonist loves to hang out in a store called 'Donut'.


Zenith caught the 218 piece, plus StrykesV3 found another tribute to 33, or should I say multiple tributes to thirty-three.  Thirty-Three = 66 (Reduction)

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