Monday, January 7, 2019

15 27 47 60 | Clemson's January 7, 2019 national championship & Cyntoia Brown's clemency story, the same day

Read about the Cyntoia Brown story here:

Monday, January 7, 2019, the top story was Cyntoia Brown, getting clemency (CLEMSON) after 15-years.

The same day, CLEMSON TIGERS, would pick up their 15th win of the season, winning the college football championship.

Notice that Clemson Tigers and Cyntoia Brown both sum to 60.

The score of the game was 44-16, 60 points scored.

The Tigers won by 28 on the 7th of the month.  28 is the 7th triangular number.

1+2+3+4+5+6+7 = 28

Read about the halftime stats, proving the script further:

Read about the first quarter stats, proving the script further:

Read about the death of Clemson player, CJ Fuller, #27, October 3, 2018:

Just like when Clemson won in 2017 on a date with 27 numerology, they have done the same in 2019.
  1/9/17 = 1+9+17 = 27
1/7/19 = 1+7+19 = 27

Alabama is in Tuscaloosa.

The game was in Santa Clara.

The woman's name was Brown.


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